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Preliminary Plats Application

  1. Application





    Newton County, Georgia 1821

  2. Application Process

    The Department of Development services has changed the way development projects are being processed. Applicants are advised to ensure that all documents are provided to the Department at the time plans/plats are submitted. Failure to submit all documentation will result in project reviews being delayed.

     1.      A completed site plan, application, and all application fees shall be filed and submitted to the Department of Development Services. The Applicant shall submit:

    • Three (3) hard copies of the site plan/plat. (If your development project requires a left turn lane or decel lane on a County road, please submit 1 additional hard copy.)
    • One (1) electronic copy saved as a PDF. Applicant may submit on disc or email to
    •  Completed application packet
    •  Any applicable fees     

    ****Projects will not be reviewed unless all of the above have been submitted to the Department.

    All plans for NCWSA, Environmental Health (if on septic) and GDOT must be submitted by applicant directly to those agencies at the time plans are submitted to Newton County.

     2.     A meeting with the Applicant/Owner and Engineer will be scheduled with the Development Review Committee (DRC) on the first available Wednesday after plans/ plats have been reviewed. The turn around time on reviews is 30 days.

     3.     The Applicant will be in attendance to answer any comments, questions or concerns that they can during the Plan Review.

     4.      If plan revisions are required, or the Applicant could not answer all of the questions discussed at the Plan Review, the Applicant has sixty (60) days to answer and/or make any changes to the plans and resubmit, or the application is considered null and void, and reapplication and new application fees are required to proceed with the project.

  3. Application for Preliminary Plats

    APPLICATION FEES – Please see the Newton County Development Services Fee Schedule.

    All PRELIMINARY PLATS applications must be accompanied by a minimum of three (3) Plans & one (1) Disc.

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