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Minor Plats Application

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    Newton County, Georgia 1821


    A Minor or Exempt Plat is required if:

    • You wish to divide your property into 2 to 5 lots (six or more requires Major Plat process)
    • You wish to combine two or more lots into one lot;
    • You change a lot line in any way, adding or reducing the size, or changing the shape of a lot;
    • Your plat was recorded with the Clerk of Superior Court without the approvals required by the Newton County Development Regulations and this department;
    • Your lot in its current configuration is not shown on the maps provided by the Tax Assessor of Newton County.

    Procedure for Applying for a Minor or Exempt Plat:

    1. Retain a Surveyor registered in the State of Georgia. The attached checklist (pg.5) will indicate to the surveyor what needs to be drawn on the plat.
    2. Submit for review to the Department of Development Services three (3) hard copies of the plat and a digital copy (PDF).  A fee of $150.00 is required at the time of submittal. Check, Card or Money Order required.
    3. Within (10) working days, the plat will be returned to you with any errors or needed corrections noted (redline comments).
    4. Have the surveyor make all corrections. Obtain all the signatures needed, except the Director’s. See the signature blocks on the plat.
    5. If the corrections are made and the signatures are obtained, submit four copies for the Director’s signature. This can be done within a business day.
    6. After the Director signs, take the plat to the Clerk of Superior Court for recording. The office is located at the Newton County Judicial Center, 1132 Usher Street, Rm. 338, Covington, Ga. 30014.
    7. Once recorded, return 4 paper copies and one electronic copy made from the recorded plat to the Department of Planning and Development.
    8. Building Permits will not be issued until Development Services has received the required copies.

    If you have any questions, please call  678-625-1231  or 678-625-1650

  3. Application for Land Disturbance Permits


    APPLICATION FEES - Please see the Newton County Development Services Fee Schedule.

    ALL MINOR PLAT applications must be accompanied by a minimum of 3 Plans for review & 1 Disc.

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