Can SPLOST revenue be used to acquire unimproved land?


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1. How did SPLOST come to be?
2. Who can enact SPLOST?
3. How will I be taxed with SPLOST?
4. How long does SPLOST last?
5. How long are funds collected during SPLOST?
6. What can SPLOST pay for?
7. What has SPLOST paid for?
8. Can the SPLOST ballot be designed to authorize voter approval on some, but not all, projects on the SPLOST ballot?
9. How much detail is needed on the ballot in describing proposed SPLOST projects?
10. Can SPLOST revenues be used to build local schools?
11. Can SPLOST funds be used to construct projects for local charities or other nonprofit organizations?
12. After the SPLOST referendum has passed, may a county use other available revenue to begin the construction on the SPLOST-approved projects and to reimburse itself once the revenues start to come in?
13. Can SPLOST revenues be moved between voter-approved projects to accommodate greater costs in one or more of the projects?
14. In case of a “shortfall” of SPLOST funds to pay for projects, what happens?
15. Can a county or municipality change its mind and not fund one or more of the SPLOST projects despite voter approval in a referendum?
16. Can projects be authorized and constructed according to different time frames?
17. If a municipality has completed its projects and has SPLOST revenue remaining, can it give this revenue to another municipality that needs additional revenues to complete its approve projects?
18. Can excess SPLOST proceeds be used to pay authority debt?
19. Can a county terminate its SPLOST early?
20. Can SPLOST revenue be used to acquire unimproved land?
21. Can property purchased with SPLOST revenue later be converted to a different use?
22. Can capital outlay projects supporting enterprise services be funded through SPLOST?
23. Can capital projects serving more than one county or municipality or a regional authority be funded through SPLOST?
24. Can SPLOST funds be used to reduce property taxes?
25. Can SPLOST proceeds be used to pay off revenue bonds that are outstanding at the time of SPLOST referendum?
26. Can SPLOST be borrowed to pay for other county services or projects and paid back later form the general fund?
27. Who establishes the revenue estimate and the project costs specified in the resolution and on the ballot?