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Newton County crews clean up litter on roadways

Two crews are cleaning up trash on the roadways in Newton County after the Board of Commissioners approved the action on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Newton County Commissioners and staff members have received phone calls and emails from local residents on the amount of trash that has been piling up on roadways in recent weeks. To remedy this situation, temporary workers were hired to pick up trash and beautify the county.

Commissioners approved a budget transfer in the amount of $200,000 from funds budgeted to positions not filled by the anticipate hire date to public works in order to hire 10 temporary workers. These 10 workers are grouped into two teams of five who are currently focusing on the west side of the County before spreading out throughout the entire County.

Newton County public works department is also operating a piece of equipment that is operated along the right-of-way to rake up trash thrown out by careless drivers.

County Manager Lloyd Kerr said this program will continue into the next fiscal year and until the problem is remedied.


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