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Time is Running Out

 We are in a crucial time right now; and you know what? Time is running out!

The good news, however, is it is not too late. There is still time to complete the 2020 Census.

You have been hearing for months about the Census and how crucial it is that everyone be counted. With just weeks left until the 2020 Census deadline I am here to tell you once again that it is critical everyone be counted.

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If you haven’t filled out the 2020 Census yet, please, please do so now by responding online at It takes just a few minutes and it will be well worth your time. I filled mine out in April and it was a breeze.

If you have filled out your 2020 Census, first let me say thank you and second please tell others to do so.

This census is so crucial to Newton County because literally millions of dollars are on the line. Everyone counted in our community helps in the amount of funding we receive for education, healthcare, roads and so much more. The Census numbers also go into how our community and our state is represented in Congress.

I can show you how crucial it is. Counties with a population of 100,000 or more are in a higher range for the funding and grants they can receive than those less than 100,000.   Well, in the 2010 Census Newton County was reported at having 99,958 people, just 42 shy of that critical milestone. We also had just a 64.6 percent response rate in the 2010 Census. If just that many more people would have been counted, our community would have received more funding for critical things such as schools, roads and healthcare for each of the past 10 years.

The good news is that we are surpassing that response rate thus far, with a 66.2 percent rate. But we have much more to go.

Census takers are going on in the community to reach those who have not yet been counted. Please, please, if you do not fill out the census on your own, be counted. Tell others to be counted.


 Facebook expanding

 Newton County continues to do great things with our economic development.

A few years ago, Newton County won the state’s deal of the year for the Facebook Data Center in Stanton Springs, being the single largest investment in the Georgia’s history.

Thursday, Facebook announced it has decided to expand within Stanton Springs.

The commitment of three new buildings, totaling more than 1.5 million square feet will represent an additional $1 billion investment in the area.

This is great news for our community as it will not only bring such a large financial investment but will also mean more jobs here in Newton County.

I love seeing so many great things happen for #OneNewton.

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