Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Welcome to Newton County Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS makes maps and performs analysis using spatial data. We support many other Newton County departments, engineers, developers and consultants. We also provide maps (topographic, flood, parcels, aerials, etc.) for the public.


On December 5th and 12th there will be a delayed opening of our office due to staff training. 

Our hours will be 9 am - 5 pm those two days only. 

Thanks so much for your patience!

Products & Services

GIS provides the following products and services: 

  • Custom reports
  • Digital data
  • Hardcopy maps
  • Spatial analysis

Fee Schedule

View a Fee Schedule (PDF) that shows pricing information and a list of available datasets. Please note that we no longer accept cash. Valid forms of payment are checks and credit cards.

Request a map

You may request a map by filling out the form here.

Please see GIS License Agreement here.

Warranty & Liability Information

Newton County, City of Covington, and all other entities involved in the GIS mapping process hereby disclaim any warranty or any other liability for the accuracy of this data, whether in printed or digital format. All data provided by said entities is for informational / planning purposes only and may not be relied upon as evidence of the following:

  • Landmarks
  • Location of Property Lines
  • Topographical Features
  • Any Other Legal Purpose

Additional information can be accessed via the Newton County Tax Assessors Mapping Application.

Any questions about the GIS mapping process can be answered by calling Newton County / City of Covington GIS by phone at 678-625-1620 or by emailing the Georgraphical Information System department.

Newton County Maps