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Effective immediately, our office will begin accepting new Building Permit Applications online or via mail/courier. Issuance will begin on Monday, April 6, 2020. 

The process to be followed is:

1. Only complete applications will be accepted. For your convenience, we have attached a checklist, which must accompany the application with all documents necessary to process your building permit application. Please initial beside each item applicable to your project and make sure it is included in your package.

For Development projects, every area of the application must be filled out or marked N/A if not applicable. All accompanying documents must be included. All incomplete applications will be rejected and the applicant must resubmit

2. During this time, your completed package may be emailed to While you may submit more than one application, we will only accept one application per email thread and the location of the project must be identified in the subject line.

3. We will not process any incomplete permit application packages. If your application is deemed to be incomplete, you will need to submit the application again in its entirety. Again, only one permit per email thread.

 For those mailed in, if the application is incomplete, we will advise you and the package must be resubmitted in its entirety. We will not be holding or returning incomplete applications.

 4. Once the application has been processed, we will contact you with the costs and for payment information. At that time, we will arrange how the permit may be picked up.

Our office is still working a rotational basis until April 13, 2020 unless otherwise instructed by the Board of Commissioners.

As always, as the health crisis evolves, we will continue to update you with any changes.

Thank you,

Development Services Staff

Our Services

The Newton County Department of Development Services provides services for Unincorporated Newton County and consists of the following Divisions:

  • Building Permits (includes City of Mansfield, City of Oxford and Town of Newborn)
  • Business/ Alcohol Licenses
  • Code Enforcement
  • Planning and Development
  • Zoning

County Zoning Ordinances

The department is committed to providing excellent community service and follows the Newton County Zoning Ordinance and the Newton County Development Regulations.

Newton County Zoning Ordinance

Newton County Development Regulations 

Newton County Water Resources Ordinance

        Newton County Water Resources Ordinance

Development Services Documents

Newton County Comprehensive Plan