Zoning Administration


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Board of Zoning Appeals

Chairman - Mr. Glen Whitaker

District 1 - Mr. James Brooks

District 2- Mr. Nick Hathorn

District 3- Mr. Charles Woods

District 4- Vacant

District 5- Mr. Doyle Baker 

Click here to email Crystal Dooley Bd of Zoning Appeals Secretary

This Board consists of 6 residents of Newton County and is appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

The duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals include, but is not limited to reviewing administrative appeals and variances.

The Board of Zoning Appeals conduct public hearings for the purpose of soliciting public comments.

The Board of Zoning Appeals meeting are held at 7:00pm on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Historic Courthouse in Covington

BZA_3.28.13.Wrapup BZA_3.28.13.Wrapup


Other than for a Sign Permit Application you must schedule a Pre-Application Meeting prior to submittal for the following:

Rezoning Application Rezoning Application

Variance Application  Variance Application

Sign Permit Application Sign Permit Application

Application Conditional Use Permit Conditional Use Permit Application

Personal Care Home Checklist  Personal Care Home Checklist

Group Residence Checklist Group Residence Checklist


These are sections of the Zoning Ordinance

2009 Zoning Ordinance (Amendments, Almon Overlay Part 1 of 2) 2009 Zoning Ordinance (Amendments, Almon Overlay Part 1 of 2)

2009 Zoning Ordinance (Amendments, Almon Overlay Part 2 of 2) 2009 Zoning Ordinance (Amendments, Almon Overlay Part 2 of 2)

Almon Overlay Boundaries MAP Almon Overlay Boundaries MAP

Salem Overlay Boundaries MAP Salem Overlay Boundaries MAP





Zoning Ordinance (Appendix) Zoning Ordinance (Appendix)

Zoning Ordinance (Resolution for Adoption) Zoning Ordinance (Resolution for Adoption)

2009 Zoning Ordinance 2009 Zoning Ordinance

Working Copy(through_7-17-12_final)Article1and2 Working Copy(through_7-17-12_final)Article1and2

Working Copy(through_7-17-12_final)Article3 Working Copy(through_7-17-12_final)Article3

Working_Copy(through7-17-2012)Article4.pdf Working_Copy(through7-17-2012)Article4.pdf
Working_Copy(through_7-17-2012)Article4_Part2.pdf Working_Copy(through_7-17-2012)Article4_Part2.pdf

Working Copy(through_7-17-12_final)Article5and6and7 Working Copy(through_7-17-12_final)Article5and6and7


Sign Ordinance Sign Ordinance

2012 Zoning Ordinance Amendments

AMD12-00001 Approved Amendment(rev_6.13.12) AMD12-00001 Approved Amendment(rev_6.13.12)

AMD12-00002 Approved Amendment(rev_6.12.12) AMD12-00002 Approved Amendment(rev_6.12.12)

2011 Zoning Ordinance Amendments

AMD11-00001 Approved Amendment AMD11-00001 Approved Amendment

AMD11-00004 Approved Amendment AMD11-00004 Approved Amendment

AMD11-00005 Approved Amendment AMD11-00005 Approved Amendment

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