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General Information

This information is provided as a public service to assist those interested in establishing and conducting a business in unincorporated Newton County.  It is not deemed to be all-inclusive. Any error or omissions herein will not relieve the business owner of responsiblity, obilgation or liability in fulfilling all legal requirements.

Who Needs A Business License?

Each person engaged in any business, trade, profession, or occupation in Newton County, Georgia, whether with a location in Newton County or in the case of an out-of-state business with no location in Georgia exerting substantial efforts within the state pursuant to O.C.G.A. S 48-13-7, shall pay an occupation tax.  A separate license is required for each branch or location of a business.  All non-profit organizations with proof of a 501 (C)(3) are exempt from the occupation tax however, all other fees do apply and a business license is required.

Helpful Tips in Preparing, Starting and Growing a Small Business




HB87 - Illegal Immigration Reform & Enforcement Act of 2011

Private Employer Affidavit Private Employer Affidavit

Citizenship Affidavit Citizenship Affidavit


The Newton County Business License Department does not issue Licenses for locations within any City Limits


Affidavit Letter Affidavit Letter

Home Occupation Business License Application 2013 Home Occupation Business License Application 2014

Commercial Business License Application 2014 Commercial Business License Application 2014

2014 Occupational Tax & Business License Renewal Application 2014 Occupational Tax & Business License Renewal Application

Business Name Address Change Form Business Name Address Change Form

Alcoholic Beverage License Application - Off Premises Consumption Alcoholic Beverage License Application - Off Premises Consumption

2014 Alcoholic Beverage Renewal Application 2014 Alcoholic Beverage Renewal Application

Please allow up to ten(10) business days to process your application.

Your Business license will be mailed to you


Fee Schedule (2013) As Adopted Fee Schedule (2013) As Adopted

2014 Business License Renewal Fee Schedule 2014 Business License Renewal Fee Schedule

Newton County Occupational Tax and Business Regulation Ordinance Newton County Occupational Tax and Business Regulation Ordinance

Transporting People Guidelines Transporting People Guidelines

Alcholic Beverage Ordinance Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance

More General Information........

Alcoholic Beverage Sales Notice Update

The County is receiving a number of inquiries regarding the three alcoholic beverage referenda that were approved by the voters on November 6, 2012. Approval of these referenda authorizes the County to regulate the sale of distilled spirits by the drink. To this end, the County has adopted a revised alcoholic beverage ordinance that will go into effect on January 1, 2013. The County will also be considering zoning ordinance amendents that specify where by the drink sales will be permitted. As provided by the Alcoholic Beverage ordinance, beginning January 1, 2013:

  • Those with package sale licenses will be permitted to sell beer and wine, by the package, between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on Sundays; and
  • Applications for a license to sell alcoholic beverages by the drink in appropriately zoned areas will be available from the Development Services Office.

Business Categories for Licenses are as follows-

  1. Commercial- Generally includes all businesses located within commercially zones areas within the county (i.e. shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, etc.)  All Commercial businesses require our Zoning Administrator's approval first.  For help completing the Zoning Compliance Form or to make an appointment with the Zoning Administrator, please call 678-625-1656.  The use of commercial property requires completion of our Newton County Commercial Business License Application Newton County Commercial Business License Application.
  2. Home Occupation-Includes all home based businesses and home offices.  A Home based business is allowed if it merely serves as the base office of operations and the activity does not create any traffic or noise, and does not involve customers or employees at the home.  The use of residential property for business purposes requires the completion of our Newton County Home Occupation Business License Application Newton County Home Occupation Business License Application.
  3. Personal Care Home-Any dwelling, whether operated for profit or not, which undertakes through its ownership of management to provide or arrange for the provisions of housing, food service, and one or more personal services for  two or more adults who are not related to the owner or administrator by blood or marriage.  All Personal Care Homes require our Zoning Adminisitrator approval first.  Please look over the Personal Care Home Checklist Personal Care Home Checklist and call 678-625-1656 or email to make an appointment with our .
  4. Child Day Care-Includes any place operated by a person, society, corporation, or institution or any group, who receives for pay children under eighteen (18) years of age for group care, without transfer of custody, for more than four (4) hours, and as much as twenty-four (24) hours per day.  All Child Day Care Facilities require our Zoning Administrator approval first. Please look over the Day Care Center Checklist Day Care Center Checklist and call 678-625-1656 or email to make an appointment with our Zoning Administrator.
  5. Group Residence-Any dwelling or facility in which a full time residential care is provided for persons as a single housekeeping unit.  All Group Residences require our Zoning Administrators approval first.  Please look over the Group Home Checklist Group Home Checklist and call 678-625-1659 or email to make an appointment with our Zoning Administrator.
  6. Alcoholic Beverage-Please look over the Alcholic Beverage License Application Alcoholic Beverage License Application and contact the Business License Administrator, Pamela Maxwell by email or call 678-625-1655 for an appointment.
  7. Adult Entertainment-Please contact the Zoning Administrator, John Olson by email or call 678-625-1656 for an appointment.

Important To Remember-

  • Roadside Vending is NOT PERMITTED in unincorporated Newton County.
  • Some professions require additional State of Georgia licensing or certification, please check with your specific State Department in which your area of expertise may be regulated. Some businesses may require additional review, permits, licenses, certificates, etc. from other County Departments, i.e. Fire Services, Tax Assessors, Environmental Health, Building Permits, Zoning, Impact Fees. prior to acceptance of a business license application. 
  • There is not a mobile business license. A mobile business must be based from the home or a commercial location.


Tips When Completing A Business License Application

  • Read the Business License application thoroughly and complete all sections that apply
  • Please use Check-Off List provided to make sure you have obtained all supporting documentation.
  • Post office boxes and mail handling facilities can be used for the mailing address, but cannot be used for a business location.  The applicant's residences address must be used if there is no other place of business.
  • All owners must be listed.  In the case of a corporation, all corporate officers must be listed.
  • INCOMPLETE Applications will not be accepted or processed.

Change of Business Activity, Location, or Ownership

A Business License is terminated when the business ownership or location changes.

A Business License is not  transferable without department approval.

For all licenses other than a Home Occupation Business License, changes in business activity, description, and/or location require zoning approval and issuance of a new license.

Notification of Closure

Advise the Business License Department immediately if you  close your business or do not wish to renew your license.  You may do so by emailing information regarding closure to Business License Administrator, Pamela Maxwell.

Business License Renewals

  • Once your business has obtained a Business License, a courtesy renewal notice will be mailed to you in November of each year. 

  • Business License Renewal Form Business License Renewal Form should be completed and returned to our office prior to or on December 31st of each year.  If you do not receive a renewal notice, please contact our office or print and return the Business License Renewal Form.
  • Failure to receive a renewal notice does not relieve the business owner of the responsiblity to renew the business license.

  • Please allow 30 business days to process your renewal request.

    Your Business License will be mailed to you within 30 days.


"Publications on the Newton County Board of Commissionerswebsitemay vary significantly in format and/or content from the "official" printed publication. These documents and associated information are made available on thewebsitefor informational purposes only. Additional standards, regulations and/or ordinances may apply. Additional applications, permits and/or documentation submittals may be required. Please contact our Department at678-625-1650for additional information."

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