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Crime Victims Compensation Program
The State of Georgia has established a fund to assist victims of violent crime with crime related expenses.  This program can help compensate victims for medical bills, counseling expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses and other various costs. However, this program is considered a “payer of last resort”- which means that the victim must exhaust all other forms of compensation (insurance, etc.) before applying for compensation under the Crime Victims Compensation Program.

Who is eligible for Compensation?

Victims who have been physically injured in a violent crime including but not limited to victims of:

·        Assault/battery
·        Homicide
·        Sexual assault (adult & child)
·        Child Abuse
·        Domestic / Family Violence
·        DUI crashes (injury/death)
·        Person incurring eligible Expense due to crime

Who is not eligible for Compensation?
·        Victims of property crimes
·        Victims who consent to, provoke, or incite the crime committed against them
·        Victims who were participating in a criminal act
·        Victims who do not report the crime to law enforcement officials within 72 hours.

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Crime Victims Compensations Form Crime Victims Compensations Form
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