Property Crimes

If you have been the victim of a property crime, the District Attorney’s Office will attempt to obtain restitution for you.  It is at the Judge’s discretion whether or not to award restitution.  Restitution includes, but is not limited to, hospital bills, repair bills for damaged or broken property, reimbursement for lost or stolen items, and court costs.  Proper documentation is required before the District Attorney’s office can ask that restitution be awarded. 

If so ordered, the defendant will make payment to his or her probation officer who in turn will distribute the funds to the aggrieved parties.  Usually, a payment plan is established and the process for recovering money often takes months or years depending on the amount of restitution involved. 

The District Attorney’s Office cannot guarantee the recovery of any personal property.  We will work with local law enforcement in an effort to do so; however we cannot make any guarantees.

Restitution Form Restitution Form

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