Present were; Chairman Banes, Commissioners; Alana Sanders, J.C. Henderson, Ronnie Cowan,

Interim County Manager Jarvis Sims and Deputy Clerk Susan Nolley. County Attorney Patrick Jaugstetter participated virtually via Zoom. Other administrative staff and the media staff was also present.  Commissioner Demond Mason * entered at 5:57 p.m. Commissioner Stan Edwards was absent. 


Call to Order and Invocation: Chairman Banes

Pledge: led by Commissioner Henderson


Chairman Banes turned the floor over to ICM Jarvis Sims to present the proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget.


Jarvis read the Newton County Mission statement and began the presentation of the proposed FY2023 Budget.


A PowerPoint presentation was displayed.


Each Commissioner had received the FY 2023 proposed budget book digitally and a hardcopy of the summarized version was provided at the meeting this evening.  


Brittany White, Finance Director was present to assist and address concerns or answer questions from the board.


A copy of the first version of the proposed FY 2023 Budget Presentation is included and officially made a part of these minutes.


Board Discussion

  • Concerns regarding current property taxes and increasing property values.
  • Economic slowdown/Recession 
  • Consider hold back on hiring
  • Solid Waste Management Authority fees/ use of facilities
  • County management and funding of Gaither’s 
  • Suggestion to consider leasing Gaither’s
  • Millage rate/rollback


Commissioners; Sanders, Henderson and Cowan were not in approval of the FY2023 budget presentation.


Chairman Banes consulted with Patrick Jaugstetter regarding the need to precede with the Public Hearing as scheduled.  Patrick suggested that another public hearing would need to be scheduled.





6:07 p.m.

Chairman Banes called for a motion adjourn. Commissioner Henderson motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Commissioner Sanders.



                                                                                    ­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________                                                                                                  Marcello Banes, Chairman




Susan G. Nolley          Deputy Clerk