Senior Services

Newton County Senior Services is a Recreation and Information Center for seniors in Newton County who are 55 plus. Definitely a place where age is not just a number. The Senior Center provides a wide variety of wellness, leisure and social opportunities for residents of Newton County.

All eligible seniors 55 and older desiring to participate in the acivities and programs must be registered.

Annual Registration Fee (per person)
Newton County residence -$50.00
Out Of County-$75.00
              or you may choose the
Registration Plus Annual Fee
                      Include the use of
Cardio Fitness Center, Yoga and Step & Tone Classes
Newton County residence-$75.00
Out of County-$100.00

There are activities within the Senior Center that are "fee cost" based.

  1. Ceramics
  2. After Hour Classes
  3. Most special event programs (dances etc..)
  4. Arts & Crafts
  5. Trips (Day and Overnight)
  6. Specialized Art Classes
  7. Clubs
  8. Cardio Room, Step & Tone and Yoga

(If you select not to enroll in Registration Plus then there is a cost per class)

There are available funded programs as well for seniors 60 plus, residents of Newton County and member of the Newton County Senior Service.

 On-Site Meals
These meals are prepared Monday through Friday
Breakfast is served 9:00am to 10:00am for a $1.00
                   Lunch is served 12:00pm for $2.00 (non-member $4.00)

Non-members must make reservation the day before.

Home Delivery Meals
The meal is delivered to clients who qualify through selected funding. Private Pay Meals are also delivered to homebound clients for $4.00 per meal. For more information, click on the Home Delivery Meals link.

Transportation (members only)
Transportation is offered to residents of Newton County to and from the Senior Center, Monday through Friday for a cost of $2.00 per day.

For enrollment, call 770-787-0038. Registration and/or interviews are conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays only, 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Check out the activity calendar