Development Services

As the Newton County government offices are closed from March 20 through April 13, the Department of Development Services will continue facilitating building inspections, re-inspection fees credit card payments, providing Certificates of Occupancy, answering any questions and other services.

Regarding permits currently in the review process, Development Services will work with each individual builder to insure the project moves forward. However, new permit applications will not be processed during this time.

Building inspections can be facilitated by using the portal on our website, by email at or by phone at 678-625-1650. The cutoff for inspections is 3 p.m. daily.

Please contact our office if you use a third party inspector to allow for those inspections to be scheduled as well. Third party inspectors must abide by stop work orders, zoning regulations, etc. Third party inspector may submit a report to via email at in order for your inspections to move forward. Additionally, third part inspectors should mail the original report to our office.

NPDES inspections will also continue during this time. The procedure for scheduling these inspections is the same as above for building inspections.

During this period no new development or zoning applications will be accepted. Projects currently under review will continue to be processed. Applicants will be notified via email on the status of their respective project.

For inquiries in reference to Business Licenses or Code Enforcement please call 678-625-1650.

Our Services

The Newton County Department of Development Services provides services for Unincorporated Newton County and consists of the following Divisions:

  • Building Permits (includes City of Mansfield, City of Oxford and Town of Newborn)
  • Business/ Alcohol Licenses
  • Code Enforcement
  • Planning and Development
  • Zoning

County Zoning Ordinances

The department is committed to providing excellent community service and follows the Newton County Zoning Ordinance and the Newton County Development Regulations.

Newton County Zoning Ordinance

Newton County Development Regulation Ordinances

Newton County Water Resources Ordinance

        Newton County Water Resources Ordinance

Development Services Documents

Newton County Comprehensive Plan